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Flip N Flyer: usage manual

Before you begin: Read the safety regulations, on the bottom of this page, carefully and completely!

Pull on the bungee cord at the top of the FlipNFlyer™ until the bead touches the underside of the disc. Make sure that the knots in the bungee cord are pulled tightly.

Solo spin technique:

Hold the bungee cord in one hand and give the FlipNFlyer™ a spin with your other hand. Try various simple tricks: Use both hands to move the FlipNFlyer™ around your body, between your legs, over your head, throw the FlipNFlyer™ in the air and catch it by the cord. Use your imagination to make your own tricks. Practise the solo spin techniques until you've mastered them; the faster the FlipNFlyer™ spins, the more stable it is and the more "Freestyle" tricks you will able to do between spins. Once you have mastered the spin techniques the fun really begins! In no time, you will feel like a pro.

Two or more players:

You can catch the FlipNFlyer™ like a flying disc or using the bungee cord so the FlipNFlyer™ keeps spinning and you can show your own "Freestyle" tricks before you throw the FlipNFlyer™ back. The FlipNFlyer™ can go as far as 30 meters.

Safety first:

  • Before using the FlipNFlyer™ solo make sure nobody or object is within a 2 meter range.
  • Never throw the FlipNFlyer™ to someone who is not ready to receive it.
  • Do not use the bungee cord for any other purpose than meant.
  • Avoid contact with surfaces that could damage the FlipNFlyer™.
  • Parental supervision is recommended for children under the age of 7.
  • Contains choking hazard.
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