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The Plant

The electroplating plant is semi-automated for static electrolysis, is equipped to treat up to 20,000 pieces a day and is composed of:

  • A series of treatment cells for activity of rinsing and of 'withdrawal'
  • A line of baths used for various finishes, constituted by double baths and furnished with exhaust ventilation system
  • Current rectifiers
  • Filtration pump for solutions
  • A chemical-physical purification plant for the treatment of waste water
  • A closed cycle purification plant

Manufacturing process

A kind of superficial electrochemical treatment is performed on zamak, brass and iron, to obtain gold, nickel, copper and rhodium plating.

The pieces are mounted on plastic panels and then immersed in succession in all the baths scheduled for the procedure that needs to be undergone. A winch commanded by the operator by means of a button is employed to transfer the pieces from one bath to another. At the end of the process the pieces are dried by means of cochlea/ dehydrated solvents.

Sequence of treatment:

The pieces undergo a scrupulous manufacturing process to ensure excellent quality:

  • Chemical and ultrasonic de-greasing
  • Cleaning
  • Electrolytic de-greasing
  • Withdrawal
  • Cleaning
  • Neutralization in acidulated water
  • Cleaning
  • Pyrophosphate copper-plating
  • Withdrawal
  • Cleaning
  • Neutralization in acidulated water (acidic solution)
  • Nickel-plating
  • Withdrawal
  • Cleaning
  • Finishing treatment, depending on the colour that you wish to obtain

After the electroplating the pieces undergo one of two types of drying treatments:

  • Traditional, with the use of a cochlea machine with synthetic saw
  • Technological, with the use of a machine that enables "Forane" dehydrated solvent drying (see photo)
This dual choice allows you to optimise the quality of the final product, relying on machinery to a greater or lesser extent depending on the circumstances.

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