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From many years' direct experience in the electroplating environment, Officina Galvanica s.r.l. was born from the work of Mr. Rosario Corigliano and his associates, operating in the sector of electroplating on the 26th of March 1980.

Possessing advanced know-how and optimal methodologies employed in the production process, Officina Galvanica s.r.l. is not only a leader in electroplating ferrous materials and light alloys, but has turned its attention to the development of components and packaging accessories for the cosmetic and para-cosmetic industries.

We are able to follow all the phases of creation and development of its models, through a synergetic operation between the metal finishing workshop, print and assembly of the components, ensuring excellent quality levels at each step.

The plants used by the company for carrying out its aims are allocated to two distinct departments: one strictly aligned with the activity of planning and constructing prototypes for externally developing the presses (foundry, die casting, polishing and cleaning alloys are also external); the other comprises the "electroplating" department itself; containing a semi-automated plant and static electrolysis equipped to treat up to 20,000 pieces a day, depositing the following colours: rhodium-plate, nickel-plate, black nickel, pearl nickel, gilding, gold, pearl gold and shiny gold.

On 31 March 2008 the company changed company name becoming OG Solutions s.r.l. and decides to import and sell products and articles of various kinds, from the utility to fun and fitness.

Assuming great importance are the two latest novelties. The Dynamo Flashlight which, to be more precise is a self-powering torch that has no need of batteries, but uses the Faraday principle to produce electrical energy, then converts it into light. The Flip N Flyer is a new American article, devised for enjoyment, of which we are the official distributor.

OG Solutions s.r.l. now offers the option of customise all the gadgets available in the product archive. For the purposes of promotional activities, we use tampography with logos and/or prospective company writings as requested, blister-packs and other customised additions.

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