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Dynamo flashlight: the self-powering torch

Product Name: Dynamo flashlight

Code: 021/01

Material: non-toxic ABS

Colours: transparent, dark blue (other colours available at the client's request)

Size: 17 cm long, 3.5cm diameter

Principal Characteristics:
  • Supplied with 2 lithium batteries to reinforce the intensity of the beam of light
  • Initial battery life of up to 70 hours (using only the batteries)
  • White LED bulb
  • Torch beam visible up to 1km
Dynamo Flashlight: the self-powering torch
Function: winding for 30 seconds gives up to 5 minutes of light, thanks to the movement of a magnet through a copper spool, which generates an electrical charge successively stored in an accumulator.

Use: ideal for the home, camping, car or part of an emergency kit

Customising options: Tampography from 1 to 4 colours with a logo (Click here to see an example of our custom options)

Packaging: Blister pack with instructions in Italian and English on the back

Certificate of compliance issued to OG Solutions s.r.l. by the manufacturer.

The item is available in every PT shop all over the country.

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