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Officina Galvanica s.r.l., from 31/03/08 transformed into OG Solutions s.r.l. as a result of an expansion of the company, has managed for 30 years the electroplating process of brass, iron, zamak, lead and light alloys, achieving excellent levels of quality in terms of metal finishing.

In addition to traditional metal finishes in gold, nickel, copper and cobalt-tin, we make also rhodium finishes.

We have equipment to perform any customization on any type of product and material (including special cuts on any material). We offers the following services:
In addition to galvanic finishing and customization services mentioned above, OG Solutions s.r.l. in recent years has undertaken activities of import / export of products of various kinds.

Of these, the two newest innovations are the "Dynamo Flashlight" (available in all PT Shop in Italy), a self-powered torch that doesn't require batteries, and a product for sport and leisure, "Flip N Flyer".

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